About this blog

You may pardon or admire my originality, but there is nothing fake in my admiration of all things KIRF.

This is a blog about making TVs. And about making things that are used in making TVs. And about people making things that are used in making TVs.

Yes, it is about the idiot box. Two words. So if you are not a box, and are still involved, you know who you are.

The idiot box is a glass box. People living in a glass box sometime throw stones. Guess what, sometimes, this is an attempt to "get out of the box". The inmates are running the asylum. Or, on rare occasion, running out of it.

Like with all KIRFs, the claimers and disclaimers:
Any resemblance to anyone living or otherwise is the result of a stretch of the readers' imagination. Any relation to reality is a consequence of the reader watching too much of ..well, reality tv. Hey come to think of it, this is fake tv, not reality tv. But wait, it looks real..or not?

Seriously speaking...This blog is a result of an under-exercised imagination. Any resemblances, unlikely, but not impossible, are indeed entirely coincidental and are in no way meant to caricature, demean, glorify or in any other way refer to the resembled aspects, persons, objects, places, what-have-you. If you hedge your bets based on this blog, I can wish you luck. And I can do that anytime anyway. But I'd advise you not to. Be sensitive to what this blog's name alludes to - it is probably a KIRF.